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We'll Stock Your Custom Logo
We'll Stock Your Custom Logo
Are you looking to increase your brand awareness with custom apparel? Are you selling your branded apparel online? Do you need to buy in small batches ... as needed ... with fast delivery? If so, we've got the perfect answers to your custom apparel sourcing.
No Minimums & Fast Service! When you sign up to our exclusive stock-custom program we'll keep your custom logos in stock. You can then choose from dozens of garment styles and accessories and we'll deliver your printed apparel in 3 days ... even same day for some styles! There is no minimum order, and your costs are fixed.
Big discounts! Members can buy blank garments at our special pickup prices which are always 20%-50% off MSRP. And our special member printing charge is only $5 per garment! Additional prints per garment (sleeve, back, etc.) are only $2.50.
Join the more than 500 local businesses that already enjoy membership in our stock-custom program. Sign-up fee is only $50.00 CAD ... and you don't need a credit card!
Here's what you get -
  • Up to 3 variations of your logo (Full, Left Chest, Sleeve/Mask).
  • Up to 3 colours in your logo.
  • Screens, Film & Setup is included - creative artwork is not.
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Mental Health Fundraiser
On Sept 27, 2021 the Coco Bear Fundraiser and the Muskoka Community Foundation donated another $10,000 to support MiND-AID Muskoka.

On the left is Lynn DeCaro, Executive Director of the Muskoka Community Foundation and on the right is Shari DuBois, founder of the Coco Bear Fundraiser.

Along with their incredible supporters and donors, they are making a significant and meaningful difference for young people in Muskoka who need mental health support.
Mental Health Fundraiser
Mental illnesses are health challenges that can affect the way we think about ourselves, relate to others, and interact with the world around us. They affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Mental illnesses can disrupt a person’s life or create challenges, but with the right supports, a person can get back on a path to sustainability and wellness.
There are many different types of mental illness that affect people in different ways. Within each mental illness, people may have very different symptoms and challenges. Access to services, support from loved ones, and the ability to participate in communities play a big part in the way people experience mental illnesses. Culture, background, and personal beliefs also shape the way people understand mental illnesses.
It's never been more important to talk about mental health. Talking openly about mental health destroys dangerous taboos and normalizes treatment. In what is probably the most stressful year on record, one of the biggest threats to our mental health is the stigma surrounding it.
By putting it out front, we can change that. Here are a dozen inspirational mental health tees that will start conversations and prove there is power in speaking out. Available on tees and hoodies.
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A portion of these sales are a donation to the Coco Bear Fund at the Muskoka Community Foundation.
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